Hwa Kong Trading Co (Pte) Ltd has been in the trading and automotive business for 42 years. Currently, our position is that of a wholesalers, importer and exporter of automotive and traction batteries, tyres and chainsaw components.

Over the years, we have built an enviable reputation in the market as a reliable supplier. In addition to the feat of capturing a sizeable share of the local market, our operations have also expended overseas, supplying to various countries in the South East Asia region.

Our impressive portfolio of products include:

  1. VARTA, AURORA and OHAYO automobile and marine batteries.
  2. ACE traction batteries and chargers.
  3. BRIDGESTONE, CEAT, ACE, FALCON, SUNSTONE, EVERSTONE and PEARL RIVER tyres and DELTA battery chargers and testers.
  4. TECOMEC, OREGON and HARVEST chain saw and parts.

These world-renowned, quality products have played an instrumental role in attracting customers internationally, who are on the lookout for quality products of competitive proces. The superior quality of our products coupled with extremely reasonable pricing structures have helped in our success and survival in a competitive industry.

Since 1981, Hwa Kong has been appointed the exclusive VARTA Agent for Singapore. As a result of our consistent sales and marketing strategy, we were rewarded with the extended VARTA Agency to include countries in South East Asia and China in 2004.

As a final testament to our achievements, we have been receiving achievement awards continually in the Singapore Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) 500 Company ranking