Hwa Kong is the exclusive sole distributor for Ace traction batteries by charger by PBM in the Asia Pacific Region.
ACE battery charger is available in both single phased and three phased supply.

Battery Charger ESY

Three-phase input supply 400 VAC - Frequency 50/60 Hz.
Output voltage: 24/36/48/72/80 VDC
Low voltage control circuit (24 VAC)
Protection fuse on DC output
Polycarbonate plate with charging data very easy to understand
LED Signalling charging phases or faults
Short check of functions and times
Final acceptance test conforming to safety regulations
Complete with mains and battery cables; assembly of plugs and battery connectors on request

LCD Display (ESY)

A) Four digit display (displays the measured value)
B) Volt indicator (displays the voltage value)
C) Status Bar (displays the existing voltage value)
D) Clock indicator (displays the time value)
E) A/H display (displays the charged ampere hour)
F) Diode display (signals a fault occured in the DC section of the charger)
G) Alarm display (signals a fault occuring during the charging process)
H) AC Display (signals a fault occured in the main supply)
I) Ampere display (displays the current)

For detailed specification on our battery charger, please download our brochure (right click and choose save as).
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