Vehicle Assistance provided in Singapore

Member of Varta Club enjoys the following benefits:

  1. Free towing of member's immobilized vehicle following an accident or breakdown from place of incidence to the member's preferred workshop.
  2. Free service for emergency jump start and flat tyre change.

Vehicle Assistance provided in Malaysia / Thailand

For vehicle assistance whilst the vehicle is immobilized due to accident or breakdown in Malaysia (excluding all Islands not linked to the Peninsula by road) and up to 50km into Thailand, the following will apply:

Within 200km from Singapore: Free towing of member's immobilized vehicle from the place of incidence to the nearest workshop.

Outside 200km from Singapore: provided that the vehicle is verified by an authorized mechanic that it shall be immobilized for more than 48 hours, the member is entitled to any one of the following 3 options:

Option 1:
Up to $300 for vehicle repatriation and member transfer to his residence in Singapore.

Up to $150 for alternative vehicle or mode of transport to complete his journey to his planned destination or to return to his residence in Singapore, and up to and additional $150 for him to recover his vehicle after completion of repairs.

Up to $300 for a maximum of 5 nights Hotel stay (breakfast and incidentals not included) to wait in the city where the vehicle is being repaired.

In event of theft of vehicle - up to $500 service limit is payable for:
  1. Assistance with procedure with local authorities
  2. Appropriate mode of transport to complete journey or to return to his residence in Singapore
  3. Recovery of his recovered vehicle

Types of vehicle covered:
Private cars, light passenger / cargo van, estate car or 4 x 4 sports utility vehicle, registered and insured in Singapore and owned and driven by a member, holding a valid Singapore driving license at the time of incident but excluding:

  1. vehicles used for hire or reward
  2. vehicles used for motor racing, rallies, speed or duration tests or practise sessions
  3. vehicles exceeding the dimensions of - weight: 3500kg, length: 7m, height: 3m, width: 2.25m
  4. vehicle not located on paved motorway